Weed Identification Guide

Instructions for Keying Out Your Unknown Grass Weed Sample

By clicking on the "Identify Unknown Sample" button, you will be taken through a series of questions which should provide you with the identity of your unknown sample or bring you to a narrow list of potential candidates. We recommend using this method of weed identification, as many of the questions in the WhizID keying system are dependent on the answers you have given to other questions. By clicking on the "Describe Unknown Sample" button, you may choose the specific features of your unknown weed sample that you wish to describe. By clicking on the "Show Remaining Species" button at any point during the identification of your unknown weed sample, you will be provided with a list of species that match the features you have entered to that point in the WhizID keying system. The more specific you are with your answers and the more questions you answer, the more likely you are to receive an exact match.

Choose any of the options below to begin keying out your grass weed sample.

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