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The managers toolbox includes a comprehensive set of tools for managers to use in predicting, locating, sampling, and treating SPB outbreaks.

Southern Pine Beetle Hazard Maps, Version 1.0
NEW! Hazard maps for southern pine beetle have been developed for Region 8 of the US Forest Service and are now available online. These maps should be useful in identifying areas within Region 8 that are susceptible for significant southern pine beetle activity. Information about the SPB Prevention and Restoration Program is also available through this website.

HOG Model on the Web
Alpha version (not verified) of the Arkansas spot model of southern pine beetle. Developed by S. Satterlee of the ISIS lab at Virginia Tech. Version 2.0 with improvements was released in 2004.

Links to Exotic Bark Beetle Web Pages:

Useful links for the identification of exotic bark beetle pests present in the United States.
  • Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey - CAPS
  • A description of CAPS, the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey, which focuses on the detection of exotic insects before they become well established in the United States.
  • Exotic Forest Pest Information System for North America
  • A database of exotic forest pests in North America that cause environmental or economic damage.
  • The University of Georgia's
  • A useful resource for identification and management of bark beetles in the South.

    Onyx (Bifenthrin)
    Label for Onyx, a bifenthrin insecticide for control of SPB.

    Sampling for Southern Pine Beetle
    A web page summarizing sampling methods for insect pests of forest and shade trees, such as SPB and its associates.

    Southern Pine Beetle Information Directory
    This web page, created in 1997 at Virginia Tech, is the predecessor of the Southern Pine Beetle Internet Control Center.

    Southern Pine Beetle or Pine Engraver or Ips Bark Beetle?
    The Texas Forest Service has written a useful article on the differences between SPB, pine engraver, and Ips bark beetles. The article describes the typical signs of infestation of each of these tree pests and should be helpful for homeowners and land managers to identify which beetle has attacked their trees. To view the article, visit the provided web address and click on the link "Pine Engraver/Ips Bark Beetles What has Killed my Trees?"

    Southern Pine Beetle Prevention and Restoration Program
    Information on the Southern Pine Beetle Prevention and Restoration Program available to private landowners for proactive management of non-industrial private forests and state-owned lands. The goal of this program is to limit the spread and impact of SPB by maintaining healthy forests.

    Southern Pine Beetle South-wide Trend Predictions
    Ronald Billings, of the Texas Forest Service, predicts trends for SPB activity in the South based on data provided by multiple southern states. Follow the link and scroll down to the section on southern pine beetle predictions.

    USDA Forest Service Handbooks:

    Links to various USDA Forest Service handbooks relating to SPB.
  • Aerial Surveys for SPB
  • Online version of the USDA Forest Service and Texas A&M circular 267, How to conduct a southern pine beetle aerial detection survey, by R. F. Billings and J. D. Ward. Also available in Spanish.
  • Direct Control of SPB
  • Direct Control Methods for SPB by Kenneth M. Swain Sr. and Michael C. Remion. Also available in Spanish.
  • Ground Checking SPB Spots
  • Online version of USDA Forest Service handbook 558. A Field Guide for Ground Checking Southern Pine Beetle Spots, by R. F. Billings and H. A. Pase III. Also available in Spanish.
  • Identifying and Reporting SPB Spots
  • Online version of USDA Forest Service handbook 560. An aerial observer's guide to recognizing and reporting southern pine beetle spots, by R. F. Billings and C. Doggett.
  • Identifying Insect Associates of SPB
  • Online version of USDA Forest Service handbook 563. How to Identify Common Insect Associates of the Southern Pine Beetle, by R. A. Goyer, G. J. Lenhard, T. E. Nebeker, and L. D. Jarrard.
  • Indirect Control of SPB
  • Online version of USDA Forest Service Handbook No. 576, Silviculture Can Reduce Losses from the Southern Pine Beetle, by Roger P. Belanger and Barry F. Malac